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Warren Museum – the cursed objects of their paranormal investigations


Edward Warren Miney and Lorraine Rita Moran are two spouses of American demonologists and paranormal researchers. Ed, now deceased, was a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II and a former police officer. His wife often called herself a kind of clairvoyant. Together they founded, in 1952, the New England Society for Psychic Research, one of the oldest groups of ghost hunters in New England and later the Warren Museum.

They opened the famous Warren Museum in the back of their house, where they have always kept the “cursed” objects found on the investigation sites. Following the death of her husband, the woman continued her paranormal work by saying:

It was Ed himself who told me he wanted me to continue doing this. So I have to say I’m doing this for him. I’m doing it to honor my husband. The work meant a lot to him, which is why I want to carry on his legacy.

The Warren’s investigations

The Warrens became famous for their involvement in the Amityville haunted house.

In 1981 they were called to investigate an alleged killer possessed by the devil, Arne Johnson. The man was accused of murdering the landlord. The Warren confirmed his possession, but could not save him from conviction.

In 1983 they claimed to have exorcised a possessed werewolf. Bill Ramsey had bitten several people believing he was a wolf.

In 1970 it was the case of Annabelle, a demonized doll in the belonging to a nurse. The most mysterious object of all has since become a movie, like most of the stories they investigated.

Jack and Janet Smurl turned to the Warren to exorcise their home from the presence of spirits.

During the ’70s they investigated the Perron case in Harrisville, Rhode Island. The house was infested with demons because of a woman, allegedly a witch, called Bathsheba Sherman who lived there in the nineteenth century.

They worked at London’s cemetery, Stepney, in search of an alleged “woman dressed in white” in the form of a spectrum. In a similar case they also investigated the Union Cemetery.

In 1980 they were called by a family living in Southington. In 1988 the house was cleaned from the dark presences thanks to an exorcism.

They freed a 6-year-old boy named Cody from possession with the help of a shaman.

The Warren Museum

Museo Warren

Do you have enough courage to enter a house that has long kept the relics of authentic possessions?

The occult museum is located in Monroe, Connecticut. Most of the objects on display belonged to very powerful and dangerous spirits. The cursed objects of the Warren host the oldest and most diverse forms of occult found during their investigations.

Despite the blessings to which they have been subjected, they still bear negative forms and currents of evil energy. From shadow dolls that cause instant death in sleep, to the coffin of the vampire. Tribal masks used to evoke Evil, to the organ able to play alone, to the photographs that burn autonomously. The museum also houses crucifixes torn from haunted houses, cursed Egyptian objects, voodoo dolls. But still withered heads of warriors and trinkets and fertility dolls and much more.

The Warren Museum is all to be discovered, but don’t get too close to the dark heirlooms!


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