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Mi chiamo Francesco Accardo, ho 38 anni e abito in provincia di Cuneo. Sono laureato in ingegneria e ho tra gli hobby quello del paranormale, esoterismo, curiosità scientifiche e misteri in generale. Scrivo a livello amatoriale articoli dui misteri nel mondo e libri gialli. Gestisco la pagina Facebook "Misteri dal Mondo - Credere per vedere".

Trasmoz the cursed city

I am convinced that most people believe that curses do not exist and that they are only inventions fortified by ignorance and superstition. In...

The creepy London Great Smog

In 2007, the horror film "The Mist", directed by Frank Darabont and based on the story of the same name by Stephen King, was...

Ballyboley Forest – the dark forest

Ballyboley Forest is located in Ireland and is considered a ghost-infested territory. If you go there, you will see ghosts and spirits. Haunted forests All over...