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UFO: the friendship case


The friendship case was founded in 1956 but was brought to light only in 2007 thanks to a book commissioned by one of the participants, Bruno Sammaciccia, as written in his will.

The book describes how in 1956 a group of extra-terrestrials, with human features and living in underground alien bases in Italy, made contact with humans. Among them there were also university professors and journalists, eminent people who still swear that those events have actually happened.

The friendship case history

In 1956 Bruno Sammaciccia and two friends met two individuals who claim to be aliens.

They had human features but one of them was just over a meter tall and the other about three meters. The three friends were sceptical at the beginning but they were taken to an underground base where they met other aliens.

Once convinced that they were facing real extra-terrestrial beings Sammaciccia and friends decide to help them and call them by the name of W56.

Aliens asked them to do some favors for them, such as providing fruits, food and water that the three friends directed using trucks full of goods sent to an agreed location.

While the driver was distracted, the aliens took the load “dematerializing” it. The average was about two trucks per month, sent to various bases that were located in different Italian regions.

The picture above allegedly represents one of the giant aliens. Too bad that without any point of reference, this could be the photo of any person of any height.


The aliens revealed that the Earth is one of the mother planets, one of those that produce life.

According to the witnesses they also claimed that over six advanced civilizations followed one another on Earth, over the millennia, one of which had more advanced knowledge of space flight than ours.

The aliens also said that love, as well as hatred, are a source of energy, that everything is made of energy, even mankind itself. And that their ships and their technology are fueled by energy.

Unfortunately, in 1978 they were attacked by their enemies, the Contrary, who were only after technological development and not the moral one.

The W56 were defeated and had to leave Earth, saying that they would return when humanity was ready to receive them.

The year of the battle, 1978, coincides with a swarm of UFO sightings in central Italy and in the Adriatic region. Are all these just coincidences?

Honestly this story leaves many people perplexed for many reasons:

  • How is it possible that the truck drivers did not notice the theft of the goods?
  • Can there have been no reports since these “theft” happened for more than 20 years?
  • And why haven’t we found any remains of these six advanced civilizations?

For those who still want to read it, the book is titled “Mass Contacts” by Stefano Breccia.

Below I leave a video link in which you can supposedly hear the voice of one of the aliens.


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