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The Dover Demon


The Dover Demon is a strange humanoid creature, with a very large head and a filiform body. It looks a lot like the so-called “grey” aliens, but its skin is pink/orange instead of grey.

Despite being a mysterious creature, cryptozoologists tend not to take it very much into account, perhaps because of the shortness of its sightings.


The first person to report the sighting of the Dover Demon is the seventeen-year-old William Bartlett who, on the evening of April 21, 1977, is in the car with his friends. At a certain point he sees a figure on a stone wall on the side of the road. What he initially thinks is a dog or cat lying down turns out to be a scary creature.

Bill lights it up with the headlights and remains terrified: a strange creature appears before him, with a huge head, without hair and with two eyes with an orange glow. The vision lasts only a few seconds, the time to speed with the car next to the wall. Unfortunately, only Bill sees the strange creature, while his friends notice nothing. After taking everyone home, Bill returns home, where his father, seeing him shaken, asks him what happened to him. Bill tells the story and makes a sketch of the creature.

That same night, 15-year-old John Baxter will also see the Dover Demon. The young man is on his way home, when he sees a figure walking towards him. He thinks it’s a neighbor of his and greets him, but the figure doesn’t answer. John gets closer and closer, until he can see the appearance of the creature and, at that point, runs away, scared.

The following evening a third person, 15-year-old Abby Brabham, also has an unpleasant encounter with the creature.

All sightings take place in the city of Dover, Massachusetts, USA.

Characteristics of the Dover Demon

Demone di Dover

According to Bill, who also draw the sketch you see above, the Dover Demon is a humanoid creature with a very large head the size of the rest of the body, oval shaped, like a watermelon. It has no nose, and its eyes are large and of an intense orange colour.

The limbs are instead filiform, as well as the fingers of the hands/paws. Although Bill has seen it on all fours, other witnesses indicate that it can also move in an upright position. The colour of its skin, uniform all over the body, would be of a peach or pale orange colour. Bill says the creature’s skin looks like “wet sandpaper”. Its height would not exceed 3’4 or 4 feet (100 o 120 cm)

The description of the Dover Demon is very reminiscent of that of Mannegishi, a trickster creature of the Cree folklore (one of the group of First Nations of North America).


The first cryptozoologist to investigate the phenomenon, is Loren Coleman who first invents the name “Dover Demon”. Soon, the man will ask for the opinion of other colleagues: Joseph Nyman, Ed Fogg, and Walter Webb.

Doing some research, Coleman has discovered something quite peculiar: the area of Dover does not seem alien to inexplicable facts. There have been, in fact, sightings of the Devil on horseback and there are legends of hidden treasures. But there’s more. It seems that as early as 1972 a teenager witnessed the sighting of a strange creature in a forest of Dover. The police had investigated at the time, but nothing had emerged. And even with regard to the Demon of Dover, there was no sighting either before or after those of 1977.

Many believe that it was just a joke, others believe that the boys simply confused some animals with a strange creature, since the encounters took place at night, in some cases, in the car and always for a few seconds.

Nevertheless, the witnesses continue to say that they saw something that night, something humanoid, not an animal, not a person, not a puppet, but something that, perhaps, we will never know the true origin.


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