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The 4 real snuff movies that can be seen online


Real snuff movies have for years been considered only an urban legend. This is because before the advent of the Internet it was really extremely difficult to be able to say with certainty whether or not certain brutal movies existed. With the arrival of the internet and new technologies, other problems have arisen in the identification of snuff films; for example, the increasingly realistic special effects that often reproduce the perfect real wounds.

Today, however, we know that snuff films do exist and some of them are filtered through the net and are still visible to anyone (if you have the courage to look at them). Below I’ll list 4 of these movies and tell you how to find them on the net.

But I would like to remind you that these are extremely graphic and violent films, in which people die in an atrocious way. Think about it really (and I mean really) well whether to look at them or not, because they could shock you deeply.

4 real snuff movies currently online
Luka Magnotta

Luka Magnotta is a Canadian assassin, currently in prison for the murder of his lover Lin Jun. The boy was born with the name of Eric Clinton Kirk Newman, but in 2006 he decided to change his name to Luka Rocco Magnotta. He also underwent several plastic surgery procedures and participated in auditions for several reality shows. He appears in some porn movies and occasionally works as an escort and stripper.

Trouble with the law begins soon and he is arrested for fraud and wanted for torture of animals when some videos of the boy killing kittens appear on the net. But Luka became famous after the murder of his lover. Lin Jun is a computer engineering student who disappeared on May 24, 2012.

On May 25, a video entitled “1 lunatic 1 icepick” appears on bestgore.com in which you see an Asian man tied up and a hooded figure who repeatedly stabs him with an ice pick and a kitchen knife, guttles him and then has sex with the corpse. Then he cuts a piece of meat and gives it to a dog. The police, who have seen the full film, claim that it is possible that Luka has also committed an act of cannibalism.

The murder seems premeditated because already 10 days before the appearance of the video on bestgore had already appeared posts promoting the snuff movie. Luka then sent parts of the body to a primary school and to the headquarters of a political party, then escaped to Europe where he was discovered and arrested on June 4, 2012, in an internet cafe in Berlin.

The snuff movie is currently visible and can be found by searching on a search engine “1 lunatic 1 icepick”.

The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs

They are three teenagers who killed dozens of people in a single month, recording it all with a mobile phone. Some of the footage has leaked through the net and it is now impossible to remove it permanently. There are rumours that the three of them committed the murders and then sold the footage to a mysterious man who would pay them tens of thousands of dollars.

In the snuff movies leaked through the net you can see the three who kill a man by repeatedly hitting him with a hammer and a screwdriver, in the abdomen and in the eyes. The man loses consciousness repeatedly until he dies in agony. This movie can be seen by searching in a search engine for “3 guys 1 hammer“.

There is also another movie, perhaps less known, of the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs and it is the one in which they kill a pregnant woman by ripping the fetus from her belly. You can find it by looking for “killing the mother Dnepropetrovsk“.

Beheaded with a chainsaw by the Mexican cartel

veri film snuff

In 2014, a bloody 6-minute video went around the web. In the video you see two men sitting in front of a wall that identify themselves as Felix Gamez Garcia and his uncle Barnabas Gamez Castro. The two work for the Sinaloa cartel and are interrogated by some unidentified men wearing military clothing. After a few words, the execution begins.

The first to die is Barnabas, beheaded with a chainsaw. As soon as the beheading begins, a stream of blood comes out spraying from the victim’s neck. Barnabas goes down and ends up leaning against his nephew’s shoulder. The beheading, however, is not over yet and the executioner continues to cut with a chainsaw, also hurting the arm of Barnabas’ nephew.

Then, it’s Felix’s turn. He will die a slower death as he will be beheaded with a hunting knife. Although chainsaw beheading is bloodier and more effective, it allows a relatively quick death. Felix, on the other hand, agonizes for a long time before dying, trying to breathe from the wound on his neck and twitching from the pain.

At the end of the video the executioner states that this is the end that will fall to all the “dedos”. Dedos in Spanish means “fingers” and is a slang to define spies. The name comes from the fact of pointing someone with the finger.

The video can be found by looking for “cartel chainsaw beheading” or “mexican chainsaw beheading“.

Anatoly Slivko

This man was responsible for the murder of several children and teenagers. He deceived them by saying that he knew a way to treat back pain, but actually hanged them and abused their bodies.

Usually after abusing them while they were unconscious, he would have them to come to, but sometimes the kids would die and Anatoly would abuse their bodies and mutilate them. Since he claimed that what he would do was a cure, he often filmed the children who happily greeted the camera before being hanged voluntarily. The police found the footage along with knives and saws, used to cut off the victims’ legs and feet, and the children’s shoes held as trophies. You can see the real snuff film by simply searching for “Anatoly Slivko Live Leak“.

Needless to say, these films are extremely strong and are not recommended for a sensitive audience (or not).


  1. Are you crazy? Why do you give anyone who might read this article of yours (children can read, too) the instructions to become a traumatized individual? The ridiculous “warning” is just something you added in order to talk yourself out of any guilt in case someone accuses you of carelessness.

  2. Manuela,
    Not everyone is a pussy like you. What unsupervised children read on the internet is their parents’ fault.

  3. In my opinion, “1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick”, was created by an attention whore who killed kittens before for the same purpose, but wether we like it or not, is a real snuff movie!! “3 Guys 1 Hammer” is not. Is just a diary of a psycho, but missing the sexual factor. But the Anatoly Slivko recordings are pretty much real Snuff. I saw a real snuff film, I guess was on Gorgrish, where two men were up to have sex, one of them has a knife in his underwear and sudenly attacks the other. There are lots of snuff movies, but aprehended by police. The Armin Meiwes film is a very pure snuff movie, for example; The Charles Ng and Leonard Lake tapes too.

  4. Every one on here has a different opinion on this but we should all agree not to look this up because the people who do will get addicted like me or traumatized.

  5. why would anyone watch this shit, imagine if you had a brutal death which was filmed and everyone watched it cause they were “curious” this is simply disgusting, and fucking disrespectful to the victims. watch a god damn horror movie or something.

  6. So you are basically peddling Peado Murderer porn here? Jason as someone has previously stated is a fucking degenerate. The poster is an absolute nonce prick encouraging people to watch kids get killed.
    Maybe they should volunteer their bodies to be filmed while someone gives them a horrific long lasting execution? Fucking animals.

  7. For those who are complaining about the risk of children finding this its no ones fault but their own for watching they did it by themselves and if parents are concerned they should prevent their child from being on the internet. Also, if you don’t like that people watch things like this out of curiosity shut the fuck up and log off . Respectfully you’re a fucking idiot if you think leaving a comment will prevent people from watching.


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