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10 bizarre religious cults around the world


Lately there is much talk about religion and some of the biggest problems of modern societies are linked to religion itself.

Many wars have been fought, and are fighting to reclaim the greatness of each particular god.

Apart from the most known religions, however, in the world there are other bizarre religious cults that will make you think that, perhaps, being an atheist is not all that bad.

10. Heaven’s Gate

heaven's gate

Heaven’s Gate was a religious cult founded in the ’70s. Why do I say “was”?

Because in 1997 the founder and other 38 people were found dead after a mass suicide.

The leaders claimed to be able to speak with extraterrestrial entities who had revealed that the planet Earth would be “recycled.”

In order to survive, the followers should go on another planet called “Next Level” with a spaceship and in order to do that they had to die.

The leader and the followers, therefore, committed suicide by drinking poisoned apple juice.

I wonder if they managed to reach the Next Level.

9. Raelian Movement


The Raelian Movement was founded in the ’70s, precisely in 1973 by Claude Vorilhon who now calls himself Rael.

Rael says that extraterrestrials have been in touch with him and have revealed to him the origin of mankind.

Humanity is nothing more than an experiment carried out by humanoid extraterrestrials called Elohim.

The Elohim have appointed Rael as their messenger, but in the past they also had other messengers, among others: Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel, and Buddha.

Even many religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Taoism would result from these extraterrestrial species.

According to Rael, the Elohim will return to visit us when we are peaceful and ready to receive them, and at this timethey will reveal us their advanced technologies.

8. Scientology


Scientoly is perhaps the best known of these cults and even here there are extraterrestrials entities as part of their belief system.

Established in 1952, it prides itself to havemany Hollywood stars among its members.

According to the founder L. Ron Hubbard a dictator of the Galactic Confederacy, called Xenu, would have brought millions of aliens on Earth millions of years ago and then he would have exterminated them.

The full story of Xenu is incredibly long and complicated, but if you wish to read it you can find it at this link.

There are various levels within the organization and to reach them people have to pay a lot of money. If you are not rich, therefore, Scientology is not for you

7. Creativity

Creativity Movement

The Creativiy movement is a religious movement linked to the supremacy of the white race.

According to this cult, race it is the supreme value of religion and the highest good is what is good for the white race.

What is bad for the white race represents the worst of sins.

In this religion there are no aliens and his followers believe that everything is within nature.

If you are pure Aryans, this is the sect for you.

6. Nation of Yahweh

nation of Yhaweh

If you are not eligible to enter the Creativiy sect, perhaps the Nation of Yahweh will be better for you.

This movement was born in Miami in 1979 and it is primarily a movement for African Americans.

Its leader argues that African Americans are the original Israelites and must return to Israel.

Obviously they think that whites are devils; I wonder how a meeting between them and the Creativity movement would end up?

5. Ho Na Hana Sanpogyo

ho no hana sanpogyo

This cult was born in Japan in 1980 and it is also called the “cult of feet reading”.

The leader claims to be the ultimate savior of the world and to be able to diagnose disease through feet examination.

His followers began to grow until it was discovered that he was charging the equivalent of $ 900 for each “reading.”

He was then prosecuted and ordered to pay more than a million dollars in damage, as well as sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Now who will save us?

4. Eastern Lightning

eastern lightning

The official name is “Church of God Almighty” and it was founded in 1990 in China.

Its followers believe that the biblical God has returned to Earth as a woman named Yang Xiangbin, born in an ordinary family in northern China.

This cult is considered a terrorist one by the Chinese government and has been linked to various crimes towards other Christian cults in the country.

3. Nuwaubianismo


This was a cult of blacks Muslims founded in New York in 1967.

In 1993, however, they changed their minds, and instead of being a cult founded on Islam, now his sources of inspiration are Ancient Egypt and extraterrestrials. Again.

The founder is Malachi York who has legally changed his name several times.

From the ’50s he founded various pseudo-religious groups, primarily focusing on black nationalism, UFOs, cryptozoology and conspiracy.

It has been defined by the Islamic community as a fake Muslim faith and has been accused of child molestation.

2. Ordine del Tempio Solare

ordine del tempio solare

This is a secret society that claims to be based on the ideals of the Templars.

Founded in 1984 in Switzerland, the sect says they want to prepare humanity to a transitional period that will precede the second coming of the Messiah in the form of a solar King God.

In 1994 the death of a three-month old baby boy is attributed to the sect. The child, found stabbed with a wooden wedge, was considered the anti-Christ and this was the reason why he had to die.

A few days later many mass suicides took place in some Swiss villages. The farewell letters of the victims claimed that this way they would run away from hypocrisy and oppression of the world.

1. Chiesa dell’Eutanasia

chiesa dell eutanasia

This cute movement was founded in the US in 1992 and says it will restore the balance between humans and other species.

Its slogan is:

Save the planet, kill yourself

The organization uses art, music and sermons to sensitize men on human overpopulation of the planet.

On their website there was a guide on how to commit suicide with helium, then removed due to a complaint after a woman had committed suicide by using this very method.


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