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The Alaska Triangle


When talking about cursed places where strange disappearances of people, ships and planes occur, our thoughts turn immediately to the Bermuda Triangle. But in the world there are similar places, one of which is located in Alaska and it has been called “The Alaska Triangle”.

The Alaska Triangle

Strange accidents occur in a precise area of the US state, between the areas of Juneau, Anchorage and Barrow. This triangle includes wild forests and natural beauty and this is a holiday destination for nature lovers.

Every year many people, both local and tourists vanish there, and it is estimated that since 1988 about 16,000 people have disappeared. 

One of the most famous incidents that took place in the Triangle took place in 1972, when the disappearing person was an American politician, Hale Boggs.

The private plane where he was flying with his co-worker went missing just as he was flying over that area.

It is thought that the airplane crashed, but despite the research, which lasted 39 days, neither the aircraft nor the bodies of those on board were ever found.


There are many theories that try to explain these disappearances, some with scientific bases and other more imaginative. Among the creative or paranormal ones, the presence of strange entities or creatures in the forests of the triangle is mentioned.


According to the locals the kushtaka would be a shape-shifter demon that resembles a mix between a human and an otter. It is said that this demon attracts people in the forest, especially those who are lost, and leads them to death.

The vile vortex

vili vortici terrestri

A more realistic theory says in the area there would be vile vortex. The vile vortex, according to studies by the biologist and writer Ivan T. Sanderson, are nothing more than points of the globe where electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic faults occur.

According to the writer these areas may also have energy vortex and ley lines, hypothetical alignments between geographic points of interest like monuments or monoliths.

Examples of vile vortex can be the Bermuda Triangle, the pyramids of Egypt, Easter Island and Stonehenge.

Abnormalities present at these points would have an effect not only on places, but also on the people who visit them. The effects can be both physical and mental. Some of the effects may include visions, miraculous healing abilities or simply creativity peaks.

However some of the effects may also be negative, such as visual or auditory hallucinations, disorientation and confusion.

Some even think that these vortex can be a portal to other dimensions. This may explain why many of the aircraft, vessels and persons missing in these vortex are never found.

Disappearances according to police

Triangolo dell'Alaska pericoli

According to the authorities, however, the disappearances would have no paranormal reason. Alaska has always had a high number of missing people twice as much that of other US states.

It also has the record for missing people that are never found. For example in 2007 2,833 people disappeared out of a population of about 670,000.

This means that 4 people out of a thousand disappeared in that year.

The cause, however, can be found in the wild nature of the area, where some areas have not yet been explored. These lands are full of dangers:

  • Wild animals
  • Low temperatures
  • Difficult terrain
  • Active volcanoes

These factors, combined with the fact that many of the tourists who decide to go camping in Alaska are not sufficiently prepared, could explain the many disappearances.

Although this is a logical explanation, it does not explain why most of the disappearances occur right in the area bounded by the triangle.

What, then, is the mystery around the Alaskan triangle? The only ones to know, for now, are those who have entered it and have never returned.



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