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Cecil Hotel – The haunted hotel


The Cecil Hotel inspired the fifth season of the TV series “American Horror Story”, but it is best known for having been the scene of murders, suicides, violence and various suspicious activities over the years.

History of the Cecil Hotel

The Cecil Hotel seems to have been born with a dark aura. It was opened in Los Angeles, USA, in 1927 as a luxury hotel with 600 rooms, but soon things changed. Just two years later, the Great Depression hit America and the area where the hotel was built became a shameful neighborhood, called “Skid Row”. The Cecil Hotel itself becomes a meeting place for homeless people, prostitutes, junkies and criminals, becoming over time the scene of crime and violence. In 1930, only 3 years after its inauguration, 4 suicides had already occurred inside the hotel.

Violence, death and mysteries

Over the years, however, it has been the scene of much more violent events, some of which have gone down in history. It’s in the bar of the Cecil Hotel, in fact, that Elizabeth Short, known as “Black Dahlia“, is seen a few days before her brutal murder, which took place in January 1947. It was in the Cecil Hotel that the serial killer Richard Ramirez stayed in 1985, while the Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger stayed there in 1991, a year before his arrest.

In 1944, 19-year-old Dorothy Jean Purcell was in the Cecil Hotel when, one night, she started having severe abdominal pain. She went to the bathroom where, to her great surprise, she gave birth to a son. The girl didn’t know she was pregnant and, thinking that the baby was dead, threw it out the window. She will not be condemned because she will be recognized as mentally ill, but she will be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

In 1962, then, George Giannini is walking on the sidewalk just in front of the Cecil Hotel. At the same time Pauline Otton, 27 years old, decides to commit suicide by jumping from the window of the hotel where she was staying. The fall killed both of them.

More recently, however, the hotel was the scene of the macabre disappearance and mysterious death of Elisa Lam, in 2013. The last images of the girl still alive were recorded by the cameras of an elevator in the disturbing hotel. The images show the girl in strange and disturbing attitudes. After leaving the elevator, her tracks are lost. Her body will be found less than a month later, in one of the water tanks on the roof of the hotel.

The ghost of the Cecil Hotel

In 2014, the last (for now) disturbing event took place in the dark hotel. A boy took a picture of the hotel and then discovered that from one of the windows on the fourth floor you could see an ethereal figure protruding. You can see the image in the video below.

Is it the ghost of one of the many people who, over the years, have taken their own lives throwing themselves out of a window?


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