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Grimm – what would the world look like if fairy tales weren’t made up?


Starting in 2011, producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf launched a new television series inspired by the stories of the Grimm brothers. The NBC series shows us what the world would be like if fairy tales weren’t made up.

Grimm – the plot

The series, with a fantastic-political theme, stars detective Nick Burkhardt and the numerous events that overwhelm his life. Nick has an intuition and a passion for his work, but destiny has it that not only the burden of justice is placed on his shoulders because of his offspring: Nick is a Grimm and, after the death of his aunt, he finds himself face to face with his destiny.

The Grimms, the only ones who recognize meta-human creatures, have the task of killing them to save mankind. The Grimms’ strength and reputation frighten most of the meta-humans (or wesen) that Nick meets and who associates him with his bloodthirsty predecessors, but thanks to his goodness Nick builds a new reputation for the Grimms by being well liked by various species of non-hazardous wesen. One of his fellow adventurers is in fact a repentant Blutbad (bad wolf), named Eddie Monroe, whose collaboration will be decisive in several cases and indispensable to Nick to understand the reality with which he has to deal.

The show

The series consists of six seasons of 22 episodes each, for now, and boasts the winning of numerous awards as the best TV series of its kind.

Born in 2011, the series, entitled “Grimm” presents us with a cast of respect with David Giuntoli in the role of the protagonist, the first to be written. Then we have the addition of Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe and Russell Hornsby and Bitsie Tulloch who were chosen to play Nick (Hank)’s fellow cop and his girlfriend, Juliet.

Each episode starts with a quote from a Grimm fairy tale that introduces us to the plot, if you like the genre you can’t miss it.



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