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6 things you did not know about “Saw”


“Saw” was one of horror movies in recent history to bring something new in the genre. His saga has been very successful, grossing millions of dollars at the box office.

There are, however, details regarding this film that are unknown to the most. Here are 6 things you did not know about “Saw”

1)  Low budget

Saw was shot on a low budget, approximately $ 1.2 million. This is what caused many small details in the film:

  • It was shot in a warehouse becauseit was cheaper than shooting outdoors or in equipped studios
  • The entrails which are seen are not made with special effects, but they are real pork entrails, much moreeconomical than any special effect
  • In every scene lying on the floor, there ‘salways been the actor Tobin Bell. A dummy with his features would have cost too much
  • The puppet on the tricycle was made directly by the directors who could not afford to pay anyone to build it

2) Saw comes from a headache

The idea for the film came to one of the directors, Leigh Whannell, as a result of strong migraines. After a visit with a doctor, he began to wonder how he would feel if the doctor had told him he only had a few days left. He applied this thought to his film

3) What we have seen is not the first “Saw”

Before becoming a famous saga all over the world, Saw was a short that you can findat the endof this article

4) It was shot in just a few days

The film was shot in just 18 days. This did not leave much time for the actors to learn their lines, and this led to a certain realism in the film.

5) Instead of “Saw” we could have see “Paranormal Activity” as a preview

One of the directors’ ideas when creating Saw was in fact that of a man who wakes up with scratches on his back and decides to find out what happened by
setting up a camera filming the bed while he’s sleeping.

6) What is the name of the puppet in Saw?

Although it is never mentioned in the movie, the puppet on the tricycle is called Billy.

As promised here is the short of “Saw”.


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