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The crime Casati Stampa – rough nobility


On August 30, 1970, the Marquis Camillo Casati, his wife Anna and a friend were found dead, killed with blows from a firearm. But who is responsible? The investigation will not only discover that the murderer was the same Marquis, who then committed suicide, but also that the married life of the Marquis hid an indecent secret.

Biographical notes

Anna Fallarino was born in Amorosi, Province of Benevento, in 1929. Her father was a clerk and her mother a housewife.

After the war and a flood she decided to escape the misery left by these events and moved to Rome. Common girls at that time could become famous and she dreamed of becoming one too. 

Her only television appearance was a small part in the film “Totò Tarzan,” but her career ended there. At a party she met her first husband, the engineer Giuseppe Drommi, who introduced her to society.

The engineer was wealthy and bought her expensive clothes, furs and jewels and this is where Anna began to climb the social ladder.

During a party she was bothered by a playboy and her husband run to defend her along with Camillo Casati Stampa di Soncino. Camillo was married too, but him and Anna fell in love and became lovers. Later they would have the marriage cancelled by the Roman Holy Rota and got married.

The Casati Stampa crime

delitto Casati Stampa

On 30th August 1970, one of the Marquis’s maid called Anna’s sister.

She told her that the Marquis had returned from a hunting trip and had told her that soon they would have been joined by his wife and his friend Massimo Minorenti and that they did not want to be disturbed for any reason.

Upon arrival of the two he had closed the door and told all the servants not to open it for any reason. Then they heard strange noises followed by silence.

Afraid, they asked Anna’s sister to come and open the door. When the door is opened the scene is gruesome:

there are the bodies of the Marquis, Anna and Massimo sprawled on the ground, shot by a firearm. To make the scene more macabre pieces of brain matter cover the seventeenth-century paintings of the apartment.

They called the police thinking about a robbery gone bad. But the door was closed, how had that been possible? One of the bodies then must have been the author of the crime.

Suspicion falls first on Massimo Minorenti, a young “hippie” family friend. Had he perhaps tried to extort money from the Marquis but then, after losing his head, had killed the couple and had committed suicide?

Impossible, Minorenti was shot twice in the back.

The only body to present a single shot of gunfire is that of the Marquis: maybe Anna and the young man were lovers and the Marquis, furious, killed them and then took his own life.

The newspaper released the news on the front page, but the day after the crime some newspapers published photos that may shed light on the incident.

These are photos of the Marquise Anna completely naked, in provocative poses, often with other men.

The indecent secret of the Marquis

Besides the photo a notebook covered in green satin was discovered, then called the ” green diary ” where the Marquis Casati Stampa had noted special meetings. Thanks to the diary green and various interrogation the embarrassing truth came out.

The Marquis was a voyeur, and he paid young handsome men to have sex with his wife while he watched. On the diary were recounted these meetings of the wife in great detail. 

The Marquis chose personally the men with whom his wife would have sex: they were all young, handsome and from lower social status, often fools found outside bars. Why this fantasy? Some psychologists have given various interpretations:

perhaps the marquis was impotent and used young people to replace himself during the sexual act, or maybe he was secretly homosexual and used the images and videos he made during these encounters for his own pleasure. 

O perhaps, he could not have sex with his wife because he identified her with his mother and he felt this would be like committing incest therefore he used young men to replace himself, getting rid of this taboo.

In any case Camillo Casati Stampa liked being in control. He controlled his wife choosing for her the men she would have to go out with and made her have one of the first surgeries for breast enhancement, to make her look even more attractive.

This fantasy would have begun even on their wedding night when, finding themselves alone in the hotel room, the Marquis would have called a waiter and would ask him to sleep with his new wife.

Anna had understood the game and apparently did not mind it. Or maybe her desire for success and prestige was so strong that she would do anything to please her husband.

The end of the game


This secret went on for years, until 1970 when, in January, Anna met at a party the young Massimo Minorenti, also seeking for public recognition.

The Marquis notices him too and immediately organized a meeting between him and his wife.

But something went wrong and Anna and Massimo fell in love. This was not part of the game and the Marquis became jealous and wrote in his diary that this was the first time that the wife was cheating on him with her heart. 

Anna continued the relationship with Max, but the Marquis Casati Stampa was no longer the creator, no longer controlled the situation, he no longer was in command.

In July, he wrote in his diary that he felt a huge pain, and that Anna was guilty of something very vile. His life had no meaning anymore and he had lost everything, he felt “practically dead”.

One day he was on a hunting trip with friends, he called the wife at home but instead Minorenti answered the phone. This was the straw that broke the camel’s neck; he left his friends with an excuse and went home the next day.

He took a gun from the cabinet, went into the living room and wrote a farewell letter to Anna, asking her to visit him at the cemetery. His plan was to wait for the two lovers and commit suicide in front of them, giving them forever a sense of guilt.

On the desk however the Marquis also found a letter written to him by Annawhere shetold him that things could not go on like this that but if he wantedtheycould go back to being just hers, leaving Massimo.

Perhaps this letter, with the sacrifice of Anna’s love for Max, changedhis mind or maybe it was the fact of seeing his wife and lover together, a few minutes later, but the fact is that instead of deciding to commit suicide, he killed his wife, then Massimo and then committed suicide, creating one of the biggest cases of crime and scandal in Italian history.