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5 strange phobias that (maybe) you don’t not know


Phobias are irrational and uncontrolled fears toward certain objects or animals. The causes are rooted in our childhood or can be searched in traumatic events. Usually we all suffer, in a mild way, of some phobia so that words like “Arachnophobia” and “claustrophobia” are now commonly used.

But there are also lesser-known,and rather bizarre, phobias, so let’s have a look at them together:


ergophobia, fear of working

The ergophobia is the fearof work. You may think:

“Well, who does not suffer from it?”

The ergophobia though it is not the disease of lazy people.

It’s a real disease that manifests itself as the irrational fear of working or fining a job, and who is affected by it has strong anxiety when at work.

Actually this phobia may be a combination of various phobias such as that of not being able to perform the assigned tasks, speaking in front of an audience (think about meetings), and socializing with colleagues.

Spectrophobia or catoptrophobia

catoptrophobia o spectrophobia, fear of mirrors

It is not, as you might think, the phobia of ghosts, but the phobia of mirrors.

The person who suffers from it has an irrational fear of mirrors or of seeing themselves reflected in a mirror.

Some also fear that looking in a mirror will put them in communication with a supernatural or parallel world.

Many people say they have this phobia only at night, and this phenomenon is easily explained. Staring at a mirror for a long time, often when in low light conditions, leads the brain to “deform” our face.

This is because the human eye can no longer distinguish clearly the facial contours

and our brain tries to fill in the dots as best as it can, giving the impression of distorted images. This phenomenon, and perhaps this phobia, is the basis of the legend of Bloody Mary.


omphalophobia, fear of bellybutton

It’s the fear of bellybuttons. Those who Sufferer from omphalophobia are sometimes afraid of their own bellybutton, a residual of the umbilical cord which thus represents the relationship with the mother, and avoid touching it.

In severe cases this phobia brings those affected by it to believe that the bellybutton can create an opening from which the intestines can come out.


octophobia, fear of number 8

Perhaps you may know of the fear of the number 13 (Triskaidekaphobia), pretty normal when you consider that it is often associated with bad luck. But there are also people who are afraid of the number 8. Again this phobia is generated mainly by traumatic events linked to the number eight.

Who gets it has an irrational fear of the number 8 and can also refuse to live in houses that have an 8 in their address.

Since the 8 recalls the symbol of infinity, this phobia can lead (or sometimes is caused by) the phobia of eternity, the Apeirophobia.


Chromophobia, fear of colors

The Chromophobia is the irrational fear of colours. Even this phobia is triggered by a traumatic event and

The person suffering from it can experience fear and dislike of a particular color or all the colors in general.

Each colour has its own phobia:

  • Cyanophobia: Fear of the color blue
  • Porphyirophobia: Fear of the color purple
  • Xanthophobia: fear of the yellow color
  • Erythrophobia: Fear of the color red
  • Clorophobia: Fear of the color green
  • Crisophobia: Fear of the color orange
  • Leukophobia: Fear of the color white
  • Melanophobia: Fear of the color black

My advice for those suffering from chromophobia is not to get into a “Desigual” store!

And what about you, do you suffer from any of these peculiar phobias? Tell us about your experience in the comment section!


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