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The years of the “Cold War”, which see the United States of America and the Soviet Union in opposition, are a sort of bottomless container in which we can literally find everything:  not only politics, conspiracies, arms races, military conflicts. It was during the “Cold War” that the UFO phenomenon spread.

But there are facts – real and documented – that constitute an authentic “dark side” of the Cold War, a wardrobe in which creepy skeletons stay. An abyss made of experiments on human beings: men, women, children.

That abyss is called “Project MK-ULTRA”.

1953: MK-ULTRA is born

In the collective imagination, military and Intelligence represent territories in which fascinating stories develop between truth and legend, including the Project MK-ULTRA. The protagonist of this field of research is the CIA, whose activities are directed abroad while the FBI operates in the United States, and on which a rich mythology has arisen.

The MK-ULTRA Project was born in 1953. The secret work plan was commissioned by the Office of Scientific Intelligence of the CIA. The project is coordinated with the United States Army Biological Warfare Laboratories. However, there are numerous CIA units involved in MK-ULTRA, starting with the Technical Services Staff. Originally, the innovative activities of the CIA are codenamed as “Project Bluebird” first, “Project Artichoke” then and, finally, MK-ULTRA, from the German “mind kontrolle ultra”. The term “ultra” identifies the highest level of secrecy.

The director of the CIA at the time was Allen Welsh Dulles, but the real creator of the program was Sidney Gottlieb, pseudonym of Joseph Scheider. A brilliant American chemist, who is the true creator of MK-ULTRA and of the most important espionage programmes conducted by the CIA in the 1950s and 1960s. He is nicknamed “Black Sorcerer” or “Dirty Trickster”: a feared, cynical, unscrupulous character.

It was on 13 April 1953 that the MK-ULTRA programme was officially launched.

MK-ULTRA, reality surpasses fantasy

controllo della mente

Cold War and mental control, mass conditioning.

United States of America, NATO countries, Russia, China, Warsaw Pact countries and the more widely understood communist bloc launch studies and research on the possibility of conditioning human mind. Conditioning it to the point of making a prisoner confess or “producing” soldiers and secret agents programmed to carry out only and exclusively certain tasks: killing, annihilating the enemy, obtaining information through brainwashing.

Scheduled killers, politicians moved and conditioned, opponents knocked down and defeated without resorting to war, but only “reprogramming” their brains. The potentialities and aims of mental control are as infinite as they are obscure. Brainwashing elevated to a total weapon, as it is more lethal than an entire nuclear arsenal.

MK-ULTRA is nothing more than the continuation of activities undertaken by Germany and Japan during the Second World War. At the time, it was the prisoners of war and the interned in the extermination and concentration camps who were subjected to the experiments: authentic tortures. Human Guinea Pigs. In the immediate post-war period, a large number of German scientists, directly recruited by the American government, poured into the USA. Ensuring the skills and services of the scientists first working under the Third Reich.

The MK-ULTRA Project involves universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, prisons, institutions and fictitious organizations created just for this purpose. All of them, aware or not of the presence of illegal government activities, act like puppets in the hands of the CIA. MK-ULTRA, soon, spreads in the American social fabric like an invisible, silent octopus.

The primary aim of the MK-ULTRA Project is the development of substances to be administered to Soviet prisoners to make them confess. The experiments and research of the MK-ULTRA Project are becoming more and more urgent. In 1963, the so-called “Kubark Counterintelligence Interrogation” was developed, a manual of interrogation techniques in use at the CIA and the result of the first ten years of activity of MK-ULTRA. The contents of the manual have been secreted since 1963 1997, when the NSA (National Security Agency) downgraded both the “Kubark Counterintelligence Interrogation” and the “Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual”, a second manual of unorthodox interrogation techniques: torture, physical and psychological. Those same techniques that, modified and updated, we still find today not only in the United States: Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib are just few examples.

Not only secret and military agents. Psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, scientists: MK-ULTRA brings together the highest excellence in science, despite the fact that its objectives, aims and techniques are at the limit of legality.

Experiments and programme evolution

The American government, in the years of MK-ULTRA, invests over 10 million dollars in the search for mental control. Drugs (starting with LSD-25), hypnosis, sound and electromagnetic waves for memory cancellation, truth serums, subliminal messages, psychological pressure techniques and various forms of torture such as lobotomy, electroshock, sensory deprivation, verbal and sexual abuse and many other forms of psychic alteration. The United States of America is unaware of the devastating effects of MK-ULTRA.

Prisoners, prostitutes, the mentally ill, drug addicts and the homeless are the preferred subjects for the experiments of the MK-ULTRA Project. But also people belonging to the upper strata of civil society are affected: MK-ULTRAdoes not make a difference in skin color, social rank, origin, religion. Anyone can be a victim of MK-ULTRA.

Even brothels clients become victims of MK-ULTRA. The “Operation Midnight Climax” is born: it is 1954. The authors of the program are Sidney Gottlieb and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the person of George Hunter White. With the Operation Midnight Climax, the CIA studies the behavior, under the effects of drugs, of men who frequent brothels. Everything is carefully recorded and viewed live by CIA agents: hidden microphones, two-way mirrors. Unsuspecting clients are drugged by prostitutes, accomplices in the experiments and paid by the CIA.  The administration of LSD without the knowledge of the victims becomes more and more widespread and branched. It is even administered to soldiers and agents of the CIA itself, often completely unaware and unaware of the facts.

Studies financed under the counter by the CIA and MK-ULTRA: hospitals and universities enter, often without their knowledge, to be part of the experiment. Here, research projects are initiated to study the effects of LSD, cocaine, mescaline, Alpha-Methyltriptamine, DMT, etc.. MK-ULTRA turns into a sadistic game. Experimentation gives way to a sort of large-scale and now end in itself administration of drugs and psychoactive substances.

The administration, in particular of LSD, also takes place in a conscious and consensual way. Some take part in the experiment voluntarily, but are subjected to massive doses of LSD, sometimes lethal. The psychedelic substance, however, is too unreliable for the purposes of MK-ULTRA. The powerful hallucinogen significantly and unpredictably alters the sensory-perceptive sphere and the state of consciousness of the person taking it. It is impossible to make systematic use of LSD for a perfect and strict control of the mind.

The experimentation, therefore, since the ’60s focuses and is oriented towards other types of drugs such as BZ, heroin, morphine, mescaline, psilocybin, scopolamine, cannabis, sodium thiopental, temazepam, barbiturates and amphetamines of all types and doses. Hypnosis, often facilitated by the administration of appropriate substances, also becomes part of the mental control techniques tested by MK-ULTRA.

MK-ULTRA extends also in Canada. The CIA, in this case, uses the illustrious psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron and the Allan Memorial Institute. Cameron’s research is funded by the phantom Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology. Cameron, however, does not know that behind this puppet institution is the CIA.

Research techniques include the use of LSD, electroshock, long periods of isolation, induced coma, loop noise and other forms of physical and psychological torture. Patients, hospitalized for minor problems, suffer irreversible physical and psychological damage. At the same time, the British psychiatrist William Walters Sargant works at St Thomas’ Hospital in London and Belmont Hospital, Sutton. The psychiatrist emeritus, moved by the CIA, uses his own unsuspecting patients as human guinea pigs.

We are in the presence of famous and renowned psychiatrists who lend themselves to experiments as extreme as illegal against patients who are not aware of the facts. All this happens in the so-called (or self-styled?) “free world”, that same free and democratic world that just a few years before had fought the horrors of Nazism. Historical evidence that testifies to how skeletons in the closet, crimes against humanity and explicit wickedness are not only the prerogative of totalitarian regimes.

Butchery in the name of mental control

Project MK-Ultra

The Project MK-ULTRA, launched with the aim of achieving full control of the minds of Soviet prisoners, is converted into an operation of systematic psycho-physical torture against human guinea pigs.

From the first half of the 1970s, however, Pandora’s box containing the dark secrets of MK-ULTRA began to open. Officers of the U.S. Army willing to tell the truth almost to free their conscience and the first  investigations by willing politicians move a ground hitherto shrouded in an impenetrable layer of secrecy.

In 1973, unknowingly, the director of the CIA Richard McGarrah Helms sets in motion the mechanism that will lead to the discovery of the chilling MK-ULTRA Project. Helms, in fact, orders the total destruction of all documents related to MK-ULTRA. Most of the documents are actually destroyed but something survives. Poorly filed documents and that will prove to be decisive for the identification of the operating modes of MK-ULTRA.

In the meantime, the press begins to investigate some CIA activities considered illegal. We are already in 1973-1974. Journalistic inquiries lead to the discovery of illegal experiments conducted on American citizens. The “MK-ULTRA case” becomes a tricky issue in the hands of an embarrassed CIA and a troubled American government.

The U.S. Congress established a commission of inquiry known as the Church Committee, approved on January 27, 1975. This committee has the task of shedding light on the abuses and illegal activities conducted by the CIA, NSA, FBI and IRS (tax collection agency). All major U.S. Inteligence agencies are under the watchful eye of the storm. A second commission, the Rockefeller Commission, is also established. The Church and Rockefeller Commissions will be followed by the Nedzi Committee and the Pike Committee. All the Intelligence activities carried out primarily by the CIA are submitted to the magnifying glass of the various commissions: not only MK-ULTRA, but also political operations, illegal use of personal data of American citizens. Mother projects and sub-projects, cryptonyms and operations of which, still today, little or nothing is known.

The information available around the multiple CIA programs is scarce, often contradictory and contrasting. From MK-ULTRA to MK-DELTA, passing through MK-SEARCH, MK-OFTEN and MK-NAOMI. The latter is referred to as the successor to MK-ULTRA and is a secret project in which the CIA and the Department of Defence work together. Unlike MK-ULTRA, MK-NAOMI has as its primary objective research in the field of chemical and bacteriological weapons. The project seems to have been interrupted by the end of the 1960s. Finally, there is the even more hidden Project MK-CHICKWIT, also aimed at testing new drugs in Europe and Asia. In any case, all the programmes mentioned above provide for the testing of substances and drugs on animals and humans.

Finally, around MK-OFTEN there is some information, never really proven, which is very disturbing. It is believed that this programme has embraced occult and supernatural practices. Occultism, Satanism, black magic, spiritualism. Also in this case, the engine of the project is Sidney Gottlieb, who allegedly recruited mediums, psychics, Satanists, experts in the field.

Also the CIA has tryed supernatural and occult themes. Moreover, the USA reveals a political-financial matrix imbued with massonic-occult aspects. Also the Nazis, for example, explored this area in depth through programmes financed by the Hitler regime. The systematic use of LSD and other substances, psycho-physical tortures. In 1977, Senator Kennedy declared that more than 30 universities and institutions had taken part in the MK-ULTRA project, administering drugs and psychoactive substances to unwitting American citizens.

In reality, the numbers are even larger and more shocking: some sources indicate 44 hospitals, 12 universities and 80 institutions globally involved. In the 1980s, the bubble also erupted in Canada. The Canadian government, aware of MK-ULTRA and itself financier of the experiments, is taken by surprise. This will be followed by unavoidable legal actions and consequences, both in the USA and in Canada.

MK-ULTRA and the silent victims

The roughness and ruthlessness of MK-ULTRA’s methods inevitably produce victims. It is impossible to quantify with any certainty the number of deaths caused by the experiments and inhumane practices that can be traced back to the MK-ULTRA system.

The destruction of many documents, the archiving of data, the execution procedures and methodology of the experiments and the type of subjects chosen for research are elements that play against an exact calculation of deaths. However, we can probably talk about hundreds of deaths.

Emblematic is the story of Frank Rudolph Olson, who died in New York on 28 November 1953. Biologist, expert in chemical and bacteriological weapons, engaged in the study in this field at Camp Detrick. He begins to collaborate with the CIA: the same CIA that will kill him. Olson will be given, in secret, a massive dose of LSD through a drink. Among those present at the dinner, Sidney Gottlieb.  Olson, who had repeatedly expressed a desire to abandon research in the field of chemical and bacteriological weapons, begins to present paranoia and depression. The agency sends him to New York, to Dr. Harold Alexander Abramson, a doctor involved in the activities of MK-ULTRA. It was 28 November 1953. While staying at the Statler Hotel, Olson throws himself out of the window on the tenth floor. He dies on impact. Government commissions established since 1975 will reveal the chilling truth: Olson is a victim of MK-ULTRA. Olson was drugged with LSD nine days before his (induced) suicide. The family will be compensated with 750,000 Dollars.

Induced suicide or real murder? In the mid-1990s, Olson’s family decided to have a second autopsy performed. The autopsy reports dating back to 1953, in fact, explicitly indicated the presence on the body of cuts, wounds and abrasions, probably pre mortem, not caused by the fall. Frank Rudolph Olson is, in all likelihood, the victim of a murder disguised as suicide. As per the textbook.

From MK-ULTRA to MONARCH: has the conditioning of the masses become global?


Already in the first half of the 1970s, the MK-ULTRA Project exhausted its propulsive thrust. The CIA closed the programme, an operation that was further speeded up by the numerous surveys.

Is this really the case? Does MK-ULTRA really cease to exist? According to many, no.

It is believed that the MK-ULTRA Project has been followed by other similar programs but even more secret and, above all, more extensive and devious in its execution. Mental control, according to insistent conspiracy hypotheses, would have increased in level and intensity. No more experiments in MK-ULTRA style but a real “brainwashing system” now fully in place and working.

What is true, then, in the MONARCH Project? When we talk about MONARCH we refer to a conditioning of the masses that has silently become reality. Mental control and the world of entertainment. This would be the last frontier of the conditioning of the masses. A manipulation that has become global.

The world of entertainment as a vehicle chosen by the powerful to spread their dark ends. A world within everyone’s reach, fascinating, sparkling, often carrying positive messages, followed by children, adolescents, adults, men and women. Sex, Satanism, messages that from subliminal or subtrack have become and become more and more explicit and unequivocal.

Power and show business: an indissoluble combination intent on conveying dark messages to control and manipulate people. An authentic “reprogramming” of individuals. The idolized stars of cinema and music would be the favorite slaves programmed to spread certain messages. Films, music videos, interviews, TV shows, clothes and accessories worn by politicians, singers, actors: everything is functional to the ritual of control and conditioning of the masses.

The programming of these authentic priests of evil develops through painful stages. In fact, the programmers would use rather inhumane methods to program the minds of the slaves: psychological and sexual abuse, use of drugs, cosmetic surgery, pacts with Satan, coercion and pressure of all kinds. It is well known: the characters of the “show biz” represent a source of inspiration for millions of people, ready to emulate words, style, ways of acting and thinking of their heroes.

Disappearance of minors kidnapped for ritual purposes, sex, show icons, TV, cinema, politics, subliminal messages, Satanism, Masonic-Satanic-Occult symbology. For decades we have found the same themes and the same symbology in many artistic and political expressions. It is hard, to tell the truth, to imagine that all this is only the result of amazing coincidences or mere marketing stunts.

Many videos and musical texts, for example, allude in a clear and incontrovertible way to the MONARCH programming, to MK-ULTRA, to the dark side of the “Masonic galaxy” (Illuminati), to Satanism, to pacts with the devil, to mental control, to the rebirth – human and artistic – following the MONARCH programming imbued with satanism and occult. It is a given to say that those who try to free themselves from the “MONARCH system” are marginalized or killed, professionally or in the strict sense of the word.

By retracing the history of Hollywood and international music with the filters of MONARCH programming and its distortions, it is possible to give words, facts, films and music a different interpretation. A reading of events that is undoubtedly alternative but equally coherent, supported by statements and coincidences that are unbelievable. Clues, doubts, suspicions, theories, a world still officially underground and that probably will never be revealed: this is MONARCH, the perfected heir of MK-ULTRA.

With MK-ULTRA, public opinion has become aware of “top secret” projects and programs that were unthinkable and unimaginable until then. Reality has surpassed imagination.

MONARCH, occult powers, global conditioning of the masses, unspeakable pacts with dark forces, blood rituals: what if even this time it was all true?


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