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Russian cannibal couple arrested


A few hours ago the chilling news of the arrest of a couple of Russian cannibals, who killed undisturbed for several years, occurred a few days ago.

Couple of cannibal Russians

The couple is Dimitry Baksheev and Natalia Baksheeva, discovered by an incredible chain of events. It all started with the discovery of a mobile phone by a worker. After the discovery the man, probably intrigued, decided to look at the photo gallery of the smartphone, finding macabre photos.

In the gallery there were photos of a man next to the body of a woman. Scared, the worker brought the mobile phone to the police who, after several investigations, tracked the owner: Dimitry Baksheev. In the house of the Russian cannibal couple were found remains of frozen human flesh and human remains in brine.

The last murder

Near the place where the cell phone was found, near the couple’s residence, were also found the remains of a torn woman, who was later found to have been killed by Dimitry after a quarrel. The Russian cannibal couple, after the finding their mobile phone, confessed that they had killed dozens of people and claimed to eat human flesh since the late ’90s.

In addition to the images on the smartphone, other images dating back several years have been found. In one you can see the decapitated head of a man with a human hand in his mouth. In another you see a human head served as a Christmas dinner.

According to the Russian online magazine Livekuban.ru, videos of “cannibal lessons” were also found in the couple’s house. Natalia, after her arrest, underwent psychiatric tests carried out by the police, after which she was declared sane and perfectly aware of her actions.

The couple remain under arrest while the police continue their investigations.

Credit photo: dailymail.co.uk


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