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Bag with 54 severed hands in Siberia


The macabre news is of two days ago (8 march 2018): a fisherman who went to Lake Amur noticed something strange coming out of the snow.

54 severed hands

Intrigued by the shape of what he thought was just a branch, he approached to make the disturbing discovery. It was not a branch, but a severed hand. After calling the police, fearing to have discovered the work of a ruthless killer, 54 hands were found, 27 pairs of severed limbs.

But by whom?


Therea are plenty of hypotheses: there is a rumor of a murderer near Khabarovsk, a Russian city 30 km from China near which the remains were found, or a settlement of scores between rival mafia clans or even illegal trafficking of corpses, where the hands would have been cut off to prevent recognition.

As is often the case, however, the solution to the mystery of the 54 severed hands could be simpler than you think. Along with the hands, also hospital objects have been found, such as bandages, gauze and footwear used in hospitals.

The most accredited hypothesis by the police, for now, would be that of irregular disposal by a hospital.

For now, the police have managed to take the fingerprints of a single pair of hands, even if the person to whom they belonged has not yet been discovered.

Will this really be the explanation, or are we faceing with a (new) Russian serial killer?

Photo credit: siberiantimes.com


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