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Noah Crooks: at 13 he tries to rape his mother and then kills her


Noah Crooks is not the first child murderer which I write about, however, he is the first to have killed a parent: his mother, Gretchen Crooks.

As if this were not enough Noah, only 13, confessed the murder after he tried to rape her and failed. The reason seems to be that the mother took away his game “Call of Duty” because of his bad grades at school.

The murder

It’s an afternoon like any other and Noah is at home alone with his mother because his father is at work. Her older sister is in college, and the next day will return home to greet the family.

Suddenly something snaps in the thirteen year old mind. He’s angry but he does not know why. Perhaps it’s because her mother took away a game because of his bad grades.

Then in anger he goes to the living room, where his mother is on the couch in her pajamas, and jumps on her. He unbuttons her pajama top, then completely stripes herfrom the waist and tries to rape her.

He tries but fails. The mother is shocked, she does not understand what’s happening to her child, but her shock won’t last for long.

Noah takes the gun his mother bought him for his eleventh birthday and shoots more than 20 shots. Then he sends a message to his father.

Dad, I accidentally killed her mother. I’m sorry. Come back home now please.

The father, thinking it was a joke, replied:

Ok, throw her in the grove and we’ll talk later

unfortunately for him, however, his son was dead serious.

The 911 call

After killing his mother and having notified his father with a text message, the little Noah calls 911 to confess his murder.

He tells the operator that he’s just killed his mother, but does not know why. He feels like he was crazy but he knows not to be and perhaps, confesses, suffers from attention deficit syndrome.

Then he confesses that he tried to rape her mother, without being successful and asks himself:

What kind of person tries to rape his own mother?

The operator sends the Noah apartment police and warns his father.

A psychiatric report showed that the thirteen year old suffers an intermittent explosive disorder, whose symptoms are violent and sudden attacks of anger, which may also occur for reasons of little importance.

Noah after the trial was sentenced to 50 years in prison. He never expressed remorse.


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