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Nigerian professor solves problem and wins $ 1 million


The Nigerian professor in question, Opeyemi Enoch, managed to solve a problem 156 years old.

This challenge had already been attempted by the greatest minds in mathematics, but to no avail, at least until today.

Opeyemi has thus won a million dollars, offered by the International Conference of Mathematics and Computer Science. The problem was formulated in 1859 by Bernhard Riemann and was closely related to prime numbers.

The solution to this mathematical problem can be used in cryptography and quantum physics.

However, according to the Nigerian professor his students are the ones to praise:

They are the ones who have told me that I could do it, I did not do it for the money

he explained.

The envious and the gossips are not lacking and one of the questions that were posed to him was:

Why not find a solution for the problems of Nigeria?

In fact Opeyemi has already been thinking about this, and well before winning the prize.

He had in fact created a prototype silos for poor farmers, and is currently looking for a better way to protect the pipelines from vandalism. 

He would like to then use mathematics to find a solution to the problem of climate change.

What can we say, congratulations!


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