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Brazilian poisonous spiders in bananas


Despite what I’m going to talk about in this article isn’t really an animal attack, the topic still deserves to be talked about. 

Some time ago an underground legend started to spread, saying that inside bananas some spiders’ nests could be found. Once peeled the fruit, the spider would jump out to prick the unsuspecting human. This story is false, however,

nothing can stop one of the most poisonous spiders in the world, the Brazilian wandering spider, to make nests outside of a banana. 

And more specifically on the peel. We have confirmed cases of several bunches of bananas that nested poisonous spiders and today I want to offer you two fairly recent and documented ones.

Poisonous spider from bananas in a supermarket

nido di ragno brasiliano velenoso

Consi Taylor, a 29 years old woman, in 2013 bought a banana bunch in her local supermarket, in London. Back home she decided to eat the delicious fruit also offering one to her young son, but he refused and went to play in the garden. While eating the banana Consi noticed a stain on the peel.

She didn’t give it much thought, thinking of one of the normal dents on this type of fruit but then she noticed a strange thing at the base of the bunch. Something white that resembled mold.

Under the white filaments, however, she managed to see dark dots moving around, coming out of the bunch and walking throughout the house. It was not mold, but a nest of spiders. 

Scared, she took a picture of the arachnids and sent it to a pest control company that responded immediately, identifying the spiders as a Brazilian wandering spider.

The family was forced to evacuate their home while it was being disinfected. Initially the supermarket where she had bought the bananas and where she had gone back to complain, offered her a 10£ voucher.

Subsequently, however, they understood the gravity of the situation, and rewarded the family with 2,800£. Consi still fears that some spider might have been able to escape, leaving her family in danger.

Woman kills poisonous spiders with boiling water

ragno brasiliano banana

Last summer Laura Horsfield was cutting bananas for her children when she noticed a “white sack” on the peel.

Immediately she thought that it may be a spider nest and immediately brought the fruit into the garden. 

Then stepped on it several times to kill the spiders and to be sure, she also poured boiling water on the nest. Then she put it into a plastic bag. The woman thought it might be a nest of spiders after seeing the dark specks moving in the white bag that she had identified. Fearing for her children, she decided to deal with the situation without panicking.

The bunch of bananas had been bought the day before the accident and had been on the kitchen table all night. She said that usually, when they found a spider in the house, she took it with a piece of paper and threw it in the garden. From now on, however, she kills them, fearing that they are the “survivors” of the deadly Brazilian spider. The supermarket apologized to the woman and assured that all safety procedures had been respected, but as it is a fresh product there is a very small probability that cases like this can happen.


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