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Charles Manson, from guru to killer


Charles Manson is certainly one of the most famous criminals of the twentieth century, but why?

What kind of crimes has Manson committed and why he did them? Here’s the story of a charismatic person, a singer, a criminal: Charles Manson

The guru

When Charles was born, his mother was only 16 years old and single. This meant for the young Charles that his childhood was not very happy and full with degradation.

As a kid he went to juvenile several times and in 1955, at age 19, he got married.

But unfortunately he ended up back in prison and his wife left him, running away with another man.

It’s after his release from prison that he became a self-proclaimed guru.

He went to live with a girl and slowly convinced her to host other women in their home.

Those women would be the first of Charles’ followers and the first members of the so-called Manson Family.

Charles was an extremely charismatic man and said that his followers were the reincarnation of early Christians, while the institutions were the Romans who persecuted them.

He, however, often compared himself to Jesus and said that soon a war would come that will begin because of differences between whites and blacks.

This idea came from his personal interpretation of the song “Helter Skelter” by The Beatles.


Manson family

While in jail he learnt to play the guitar from another inmate and when released from prison, as well as self-proclaimed gurus, he began composing songs.

Two of his followers got to know Dennis Wilson, a member of the Beach Boys, while hitchhiking and they took him to Charles.

Dennis was fascinated by Manson’s charisma and helped him launch his career in the music business, sending him to a record company.

Unfortunately, however, were not and Charles Manson was forever filled with resentment against the record companies and the wealthy.

The murders

Charles Manson

Charles Manson will also be the instigator of several murders, the most famous of which is the one of actress Sharon Tate, wife of director Roman Polanski, who at the time of the murder was 8 months pregnant.

The villa where she was, together with some friends, was owned by Terry Melcher, an artist and record producer who refused to cast Manson as an artist.

Charles Manson was not the physical perpetrator of the murders, but he was the instigator.

On the evening of August 9, 1969, two weeks after the first murder of the Manson Family, 4 women and a man sneaked into the villa where Sharon was spending the night with 4 friends.

The first to die was Stephen Earl Parent who was coming out from the villa. He was killed by revolver shots.

The Manson followers then went into the house armed with revolvers, knives and a 13 meters long rope.

They put the rope around the neck of those present to form a human chain, then killed everyone.

The last to be killed was Sharon Tate, despite the pleas made by one of those present to let her go because she was 8 months pregnant.

Her husband Roman Polanski was spared because at that time he was in London on business.


Charles Manson

The Murders in the Manson Family continued for a few months until a lawyer could prove that the perpetrator of the killings was them.

Important in this case is the testimony of some former followers of the Family.

Manson and his followers were tried and sentenced to death, later commuted to life imprisonment after the abolition of the death penalty in the state of California.

Manson had plans to kill many other celebrities including Liz Taylor and Frank Sinatra.

It is thought that his hatred towards the artists come from the refusal he had received from the record company and his childhood hardship.

Manson is now 81 years old and still in prison after his requests for parole were all rejected.


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