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Marnie-Rae Harvey: the girl crying blood


Marnie-Rae Harvey is an English girl suffering from an unknown syndrome.

She not only cries blood, but suffers from blood loss from the ears, nails and other body parts.

What is the strange disease she is affected by?

Marnie-Rae Harvey

It’s 2013 when Marnie-Rae Harvey, a British girl, begins to cough blood.

She goes to the doctor for help, and they run some tests, but they don’t seem to understand the source of her problem.

While the doctors are trying to understand why Marnie-Rae is coughing blood, the girl begins to bleed from her eyes too.

I was bleeding from my eyes, I could not see anything

These are the words of the girl in an interview with the BBC.

The parents, very worried, turned to many specialists but nobody could figure out what is wrong with Marnie-Rae.

What’s more, the blood tears were followed by other types of bleeding from other body parts such as nails, ears, gums and scalp.

The only thing that the doctors were able to show was that the girl has very low immunity.

But what strange illness afflicts the poor Marnie-Rae?


Haemolacria is a clinical condition that induces tears to be partly or wholly made of blood.

This condition is indicative of various diseases such as bacterial conjunctivitis, tumors or tuberculosis.

But Marnie-Rae does not seem to have any of these diseases. She has been subjected to many tests and now a number of diseases has been excluded, such as cancer and circulatory disorders.

Yet she continues to weep blood about 5 times a day and suffer from nausea and terrible headaches.

Because of this problem she cannot go to school or look for a job because this condition takes away all her strength and she has difficulty in walking.

What strange disease is afflicting Marnie-Rae? No one knows for now, but she hopes to get well soon and be able to live her life normally.


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