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Fluorescent black pyramid of La Mana


One of the biggest mysteries of recent decades is certainly the so-called Black Pyramid. The pyramid-shaped stone, high 25 cm, was found along with other artifacts in La Mana, Ecuador in 1984.

A fluorescent pyramid

The peculiarity is that on the stone thirteen rows of bricks are carved that become fluoresce when illuminated by ultraviolet light, and also on the apex of the pyramid there is a one eye in relief, also fluorescent.

The latter is the symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati sect from the seventeenth century, which is very similar to this pyramid on some American banknotes.

And there’s more: on the basis there are three small incisions in the shape and position of the Orion’s belt stars, along with an incision in an alphabet much more ancient than Sanskrit, that according to the linguist Kurt Schildmann, would be translated from

The Creator’s Son comes from here.

The alphabet used for registration was also found on other products in different parts of the globe such as Ecuador, Colombia, United States, France, Malta, Italy and Australia. This would suggest that there existed a previous global language to Sanskrit.

Ancient stone globe

But that’s not all, in the same place many other amazing artifacts were found such as, for example, another fluorescent stone represented a king cobra.

But something is wrong, because this reptile is native to Southeast Asia and not South America, so how is it possible to find a representation of it in Ecuador?

Along with the pyramid and the cobras many other decorated stones were found, all with the particularity to reflect different colors when hit by ultraviolet light.

Another surprising discovery, also, concerns the stones, which were carved with lines that draw a rough map of the world.

Also the place where these relics were found and the ancient Babylon are connected by a line on the map. Could this also be the explanation of the Fuente Magna?
Could this also confirm some theories that we come from space?


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